As I made my way out of Christianity and into the real world, it became important to me to shed the habits that no longer reflected my beliefs. Some things were easy, even pleasant to relinquish, stuff like reading the Old Testament, judging my neighbor, or trying to teach my scientist-child that Jonah really did […]


My daughter was strapped to a stretcher, the paramedics lifting her into an ambulance. Through the pulsing sensation of shock and the pounding of my heart, I had a fleeting thought. Who will I cry out to, now that I don’t believe? It was my first potentially life-altering experience as an ex-Christian, and it began […]


Myth calls me dust. Invasive at best. A coating of Insignificance in the Grand Design. Shaken from the feet of heroes, wiped from The eyes of travelers, A blemish. To be washed. Knowledge calls me Stardust, everything real and imagined residing in my bones, from Radiant galaxies to the Whisper of ancient trees. I am […]