Easter Foolishness

People who celebrate the Christian version of Easter are honoring the age-old practice of child sacrifice, the most despicable religious tradition of them all. The belief that God had to kill his firstborn to appease God (who happened to be himself) stems from the ancient, (devastating) belief that to seek the approval from the gods, one must shed human or animal blood. This was a primitive practice that extended into the times of the Old Testament.

A real god can forgive without anyone having to murder another living being. Seriously. If I can do it, so can “God.”ย  If the Biblical God were real, he would have used Jesus’ life to expose the absurdity of child sacrifice, not to perpetuate it.

Here’s a link to KIA’s blog post, which inspired my thought this morning!

35 thoughts on “Easter Foolishness

  1. A real God would never require such a barbaric act of blood letting and murder to forgive offenses to Himself. Suicidal Human blood sacrifice? From sacrament to excrement.

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  2. I once appeared in the play “J.B.” by Archibald MacLeish. It’s the story of Job in a modern day setting. After God has done all the meanest, hideous things to Job one could possibly imagine, Job asks God, “WHY?” In the play Job says that “God answered me with the stillness of a star.” To me, I took it that it meant there is NO GOD, at least not one willing to answer Job. That was just one of the MANY reasons I lost faith in God. The God in the Bible is one of the most petty and vindictive characters in all of literature. This meanness was perpetrated to test Job’s faith. I just learned that the Coen brother’s version of Job is on Netflix. It’s called “A Serious Man.” I want to watch it, but I’m sure it will just make me mad. . .when I think about all the people who have faith in this ghastly, detestable god.

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      1. Oh, KIA, but he gave him a whole bunch more kids. So all is well. What’s that they say? The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. (Especially when he’s bored and gambling with the Devil.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      2. Yeah, but Job got back double what he lost and his replacement daughters were considered the most beautiful women in all the land. So he couldn’t really complain because he came out ahead. Praise YHWH!


    1. Job pretty much exemplifies the falsity of the Judeo-Christian god, beginning with the flippant nature of God’s betting with Satan and his willingness to basically follow Satan’s suggestion of torturing one of his faithful followers.

      That said, I have a love-hate relationship with the Book of Job. I was drawn to it as an angst-filled teenager, because I related to the idea of a unviverse that just tossed tragedy and blessing around like salad in a bowl, with no motivation beyond folly (or the boredom of the gods as it were). I still appreciate Job for its poetry and imagery. But if taken as a metaphoric testament to God’s goodness (much less a true account), well then…..yikes.

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    2. @Steelmanthehumanist

      “A Serious Man” is a good film, very disorienting, even off-putting in the way things continually keep going wrong, but now in the modern era the “traditional” answers offered by Job’s friends in the original version have been transformed to vapid allegorical tales and everything remains vague and uncertain, including the existence of God in the “world” of the film and even the way the film seems to raise the question of how much science or mathematics can give us the answers we really care about in modernity.


  3. Very poignant post Danica and spot on! Bravo! And I’ve always asked, If God wanted to make humanity and Earth better… WHY IN THA HELL did He and His Son waste 17-18 years of nothingness!!!??? Does anyone realize the implications of total apathy for 17 missing years!!!??? ๐Ÿ˜จ

    But alas, I found out the truth and more importantly the LIBERATION!!! Wooohoooo!!! ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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    1. Especially when (as clearly demonstrated by our nation’s youth last weekend) kids are pure at heart, determined, energetic, and undeterred by the status quo. If there was ever a time to change the hearts of his generation, it would have been during his formative years.

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      1. I guess as long as you’re careful not to use the Easter Bunny’s name in vain, I’ll let you off the hook just the once. Hahaha! (You have yourself a Merry Easter Fool’s Day, Nan. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sending lots of smiles your way!)

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  4. I was at quilting class on Monday and someone mentioned the fact that Easter Sunday was on April Foolโ€™s Day. I said (to no one in particular), โ€œJust as it should beโ€. My friend – who was two sewing machines down from me looked over (she knows my views) at me sharply and said, โ€œCarMEN!โ€ I shut up. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Zombie Jesus is not going to be happy with you. I think he’s headed, right this minute, to give you a big bite — his infection, after all, has spread to billions of folks… A pretty potent viral strain if there ever was one.


  6. Yesterday a friend of mine (a non believer) had to go to her parks service, as she sings in the choir. The pastor said people get cancer and die because they have sinned. This is the god these idiots worship.


    1. Ultimately, that is the message of Christianity: that we brought death upon ourselves because of “original sin.” Doesn’t even have to be our own sin. We were intended to live forever in the perfect garden of Eden, but since the first two people sinned, we now have sickness, death, work, labor pains, yada yada. So I guess I’m not too surprised that a pastor would believe that, but to hear it out loud so blatantly must have been weird to anyone in the congregation who was slightly rational.


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