A Quick Note

Less than a month after I interviewed Jane, I’m sad to share with you that she has passed away. We have this wonderfully global world, with technology that we utilize all too often to bicker with others we’ll never meet. Through Jane, I have learned how amazing it can be to reach out to someone across the world, befriend them, lift them up, let them teach you, allow them to vent to you, share photos and laughter, or ask questions that will never have an answer, other than, “I hear you.”

I am glad that I stepped outside of my comfort zone and reached out to someone that I will forever remember as a friend. I will be intentional about using the tools granted me by the amazing technology of this age to extend love to my diverse human family. At times, I have screamed over the noise of life, instead of waiting for that silent moment when my voice will be heard by those who need to hear it. We are part of a brilliant future, spiraling ever forward, boundless in its reach and accelerating daily. But there is great value in slowing down, taking that breath, and reaching out to that person. In the time it takes to post a bitter reply to a stranger’s caustic words, we can befriend somebody who may only be here with us a short while.

7 thoughts on “A Quick Note

  1. … there is great value in slowing down, taking that breath, and reaching out to that person.

    So glad you were able to do just that. She will now be lovingly remembered through your interview.

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  2. Goodbye Jane , although we rearly got together the brief times we did where happy memerable times, I along with many others,
    i’m sure , feel greatful our paths crossed.


  3. I’m saddened by this loss of your friend. But it gives opportunity to be grateful for small windows of time spent with or in conversation with others. The internet truly is a world shrinking invention and all of our lives are larger for it. Keep reaching out. The world needs it and so do you. Cheers. -kia

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