A Quick Note

From the USA to all of my readers in the UK, Australia, Canada, China, Peru, Germany, Ireland, Malta, India, Argentina, Belize, South Africa, and the Dominican Republic, happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful to all of you for the support you’ve shown me as I have begun my blogging journey. I’m so inspired by our conversations and your comments and am excited and honored to share my holiday season with each of you.Β  If I didn’t mention your country, please let me know! I like to picture my little words packing up and traveling to the far corners of the world, to livingrooms with views of different landscapes, or to kitchens with the delicious smells of foods I may not know. I’m sure some of them are happy in their warmer climates now, haha! Wherever they have ended up, I know they are with seekers of freedom and rational thinkers, with humanists and the spiritually curious, with those ethical enough to question religion while respecting those who don’t.

However far they’ve traveled, my words are with my family.

8 thoughts on “A Quick Note

    1. Oh, you are so amazing!! I can’t thank you enough for that honor. I only read the first page, and didn’t click on the links yet, which I’ll now explore. I am thankful to have you in my family!! Big hugs to you as well.

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      1. I would be happy to participate in anything. When I get back from Thanskgiving dinner, (if I’m not too full to think, haha!) I will read all the links. Jess seems like a very interesting blogger too. Thanks for everything. πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh yay! Arizona must be nice!! A very happy Thanksgiving weekend to you and yours as well. I replied to your other response as well. Thanks for commenting and I look forward to reading your blog!


  1. Reading you loud and clear from Kilifi, Kenya. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving so I’m looking forward to a normal very hot weekend.Very thankful to have found your blog.


    1. Oh, hooray! I hope you have beautiful weather! What kinds of plans do you have over there? It’s actually quite nice here, today, for Wisconsin, USA. It’s sunny and warm. Very rare! I’m heading out to take a walk and enjoy the breeze. πŸ™‚


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